Yokohama Trip

Sarah wanted me to blog about our trip to Yokohama. As an early birthday treat I have taken her to stay at the Yokohama Royal Park Hotel. The hotel is beautiful and Sarah is fascinated by how helpful the staff are. We haven’t had to queue for anything as someone rushes to help us when we are picking up our key or just waiting for a lift. The room is beautiful and the view, from the 59th floor, over the city is spectacular. Sarah likes to sit on the window ledge and look down but it makes me feel a bit dizzy to do that.

So far there has been only one problem with the hotel. Guests can use a gym and health club that’s located in the same building. Sarah loves to swim and to go to the gym. But once we got here we were informed that it was for over 18s only. So we can’t use this. And much as I dream about the peace of using it by myself I wouldn’t dream of leaving Sarah on her own – even in a hotel room. Last night she managed to fall and bang her head on the floor as she thought that practicing ice skating jumps in a hotel room was a good idea…

I am not used to sharing a hotel room with a teenager. And I can’t work out what is more annoying – the endless questions or the mess. She has emptied out everything from our suitcase, including my clothes, all over the floor. There are empty water bottles, used faces wipes, hankies, pieces of paper, and wrappers scattered over the room. When I went to use the shower I noticed that her coat was in the bath and that all her toiletries were lying around. And I’ve just noticed that she has spilt make-up all over the leather chair and the TV cabinet!

And as for the questions. Here are a few that I have been asked this morning:

  • Where is the nail place?
  • Do you think they’ll be able to do my nails?
  • Can I get more make-up?
  • Will it cover my spots?
  • Do I have more spots that yesterday?
  • Is make-up good for your skin?
  • But surely some make-up must be good for your skin?
  • Why don’t you have spots?
  • What’s a hormone?
  • Could you make money from your boobs?

I’m was going to tell her that I wouldn’t answer any more questions. But I know if I try to do that she’ll just say “why” over and over until I give in and answer.

2 Responses to “Yokohama Trip”

  1. sarah mcdowell (karens wee sis) Says:

    Why are you not as thin as me?

    i would neva say dat u must have made a mistake i always go on about ma wait i would neva dream of sayin dat 2 family 🙁 loveeeyouuu 🙂 x0x

  2. karen Says:

    I have removed the offending question. I could easily have misheard or misunderstood. You were probably talking about Jordan at the time. Hard to remember as you asked so many questions!

    Love you too 🙂