Small Fork

Sarah wasn’t happy with just one blog post. She wants me to write about her day out.

Sarah can’t use chopsticks. This doesn’t usually cause a problem as most restaurants are able to provide forks. Tonight I wanted to eat tonkatsu. When our meal arrived I realised that Sarah needed a fork and I asked for one. The waitress rushed away and about five minutes later came back with an apology.

They didn’t have any dinner forks. They only had dessert forks. I told her it was fine and she came back with the little fork and presented it to Sarah on a little plate. Sarah looked horrified and I must admit when I was told it would be a little fork I wasn’t expecting anything quite so small. I managed to stop Sarah from having a hissy fit by telling her that she looked very elegant using such a little fork.

The questions Sarah asked whilst I was writing those few sentences:

  • How do you use that computer?
  • What’s a Japanese keyboard?
  • What’s that light that keeps flashing?
  • What could it actually be?
  • Is it a thing for planes or something?
  • Do you get robes?
  • Do you get dressing gowns?
  • What was that noise?
  • Was that a bird?
  • What is that flipping light?
  • Why is not happening now that I’m sitting here?

8 Responses to “Small Fork”

  1. Alan in Belfast Says:

    So what is with the light?

  2. karen Says:

    It was lightning. The hotel has a large window and every so often Sarah could see a flash. She tried watching for it and got really annoyed when it didn’t seem to have a regular pattern.

  3. Alan in Belfast Says:

    Simple enough really.

    While UK mainland has had snow and fierce gales, NI has enjoyed sunshine and a few showers1

  4. karen Says:

    Not that Sarah believed me about the lightning. She has never seen lightning without rain before. She suggested a lighthouse (actually she suggested “you know one of those things that sits in a rock out to sea and spins”), an ambulance, something to guide planes, a camera flash, and workmen. Good to know that she thinks an ambulance can light up a room on the 59th floor of a tower…

    Of course when she asked Marty tonight, and he hadn’t even been in the hotel, she believed him when he said it was lightning.

  5. Norwin Says:

    And I thought that you’d be relaxing for a few days to psych yourself up to Andrew Wilson!
    Will the two of them be there together?
    May the force be with you…

  6. karen Says:

    They won’t be here together. One set of guests leaves on Friday morning and then Andrew arrives on Saturday morning.

    We will have a guest overlap though – but nothing as scary as the concept of Andrew and Sarah in my small apartment together.

  7. sarah mcdowell (karens wee sis) Says:

    hiya karen well i didnt no it was lighting becus it was blue n der was workmen below wif lights so a faught it was dem lol.cant wait to go bk to japan it was amazin n so was da hotel thanks karen n marty.

  8. karen Says:

    Glad you had a good time. The hotel was lovely – even with the lightning 🙂