Terrible Tune

I wish that I had never heard the song “Horse It Into Ya Cynthia”. I want to forget that it ever existed. This shouldn’t be that hard to do – I never listen to the song and I’m not around people who sing it.

Earlier today I was cleaning out the bins in the kitchen. Normally I don’t clean them both at the same time but today both were empty. When I moved them I noticed that one had a blue label on the back. I wish I had never seen it as it wasn’t a label but rather a blue post-it note. This post-it note had the words “Horse it into ya Cynthia” written on it and the number 8.

Last year Marty and I invited a friend to come and stay with us for a couple of weeks. And how does he repay us? By sticking little post-it notes under the chairs, under the table, on the bookshelves, in kitchen cupboards, and who knows where else to remind me of one of the most dreadful songs ever written.

My day will come.

7 Responses to “Terrible Tune”

  1. Alan in Belfast Says:

    Well done on getting him started. From the moment your post mentioned hiding post-its, I knew who’d be behind the “friend” link.

    A trick we used to play in work too.

    Now, he’s away from his desk all week … I wonder what we could get up to! Now, where is that pad of post-its?

  2. Geoff!! Says:

    That’s OK – I’ve been pestering him with the Levan Polkka ^_^

    Especially the Vocaloid “Hatsune Miku” version… now maybe I should hide a few leeks around his desk at work…

  3. karen Says:

    I don’t know that version – I’ll have to look it up. I still like the Holly Dolly version. Much better than that “horse” song.

  4. Norwin Says:

    I’m shocked and apalled Karen! What kind of terrible people do you invite to stay with you 🙂

  5. karen Says:

    People who like to mess around…

  6. Norwin Says:

    Just wait until you see what kind of songs Sarah will leave for you. It’ll be that horrible pop music that those young people listen to!!

  7. karen Says:

    Sarah isn’t really into music. It’s a bit odd. She does go to concerts as I know she went to some Clubland thing at New Year and to hear 50 Cent and Gwen Stefani but she doesn’t play it or sing it.

    So, I have heard no horrible pop music. What I have heard was the score to Enchanted which Sarah and I went to see. And I’ve been driving her mad singing the songs from it. Sarah is truly appalled that I only have to hear a song once or twice and can then sing it.