Lack of Low-cost Carriers in Japan

I have been trying to find cheap flights from Tokyo to Taipei – but I’m getting nowhere. When searching for airlines failed I thought I had come up with a great way to discover who flies between these two places: I went to Narita airport’s web-site and checked the departures list. This shows quite a few airlines that fly to Taipei. But when I then went and searched the web sites of Eva Airlines, Delta, and China Airlines I got a variety of different error messages. I assume that they are operating code share flights with either ANA or JAL.

Going to the OSDC in Taiwan may be quite expensive.

3 Responses to “Lack of Low-cost Carriers in Japan”

  1. Tatsuhiko Miyagawa Says:

    That’s weird. I’ve flied to Taiwan for 4 times, and the roundtrip flights to Taipei from Narita never cost more than $300. I usually fly United or ANA.

    (Now did a quick search on expedia and Rakuten)

    Oh yes, I can’t find many flights going to Taipei on April and the ones I can find are pretty expensive like $1200. I’m sure it’s just because they haven’t decided the standard economy fare from April and it doesn’t show up yet. Try again in mid-March or something, it’ll be much cheaper.

  2. Tatsuhiko Miyagawa Says:

    Actually, shows lots of flights (mostly EVA and JAL) around 30,000 JPY. The same for,1_F,O#200804

  3. karen Says:

    Thanks for that. (I didn’t know that rakuten did travel.)

    I’ll check out both sites. I am having problems sorting out most of my travel this year as everything is much more expensive than last year. The flights to Europe are actually twice the price.