Strange Pizza

Once I start to travel again I am going to eat some normal pizza. Normal pizza for me contains mushrooms and ham. Pizza in Japan can be strange. We had a pizza tonight that was half chicken teriyaki and half bolognese. The chicken teriyaki part contains teriyaki chicken, onions, sweet corn, peppers, broccoli and mayonnaise (we get ours without mayonnaise as I can’t cope with the thought of mayonnaise on pizza). Marty wanted to try something new, which is why we ended up with half a bolognese pizza. The bolognese half contained a beef bolognese sauce, b├ęchamel sauce, extra cheese, and potato. It tasted really odd and not like pizza all. Marty liked it – but then Marty likes most food.

With our delivery we received an advert for a new pizza – hamburger pizza. They are actually making pizza with what appears to be lots of smallish hamburgers on top. Yuck!

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