Japanese Exam

We finally received the results for our Japanese exams. Unfortunately I didn’t pass mine. I knew when I was studying that it would be a close thing but I had hoped that I would manage to scrape through. In the end I only got 56% overall. I did do as well in the kanji and vocabulary as I was expecting getting 78% in that section but it was the grammar section that let me down.

On a happier note Marty did pass his. And I’m thrilled as his qualification was required for a course he would like to study.

2 Responses to “Japanese Exam”

  1. Jessica Marie Says:

    Sumimasen! Will you take the exam again?

  2. karen Says:

    I’m not sure. It can only be sat once a year and come this December I might decide to take the next level up. But I suppose whatever I decide I will continue studying and I will take more Japanese exams in the future.