Bad Kitchen Day

Sometimes women complain about having a “bad hair day” but today it was the kitchen that drove me mad. I had forgotten what a mess it was as the living room was tidy and it lulled me into a false sense of security about the rest of the apartment. But when I walked into the kitchen I realised that we had used every plate, cup, pot, and spoon that we own and that if I didn’t do something soon the fungus monster would start to grow.

I put on my cleaning music and decided to just get on with it. But then a Prince song came on to sabotage my plans. I have a play-list of music that I only put on if a I want to dance or clean. “When Doves Cry” doesn’t fit with that list as it makes me want to stop and listen (and it really doesn’t take much to make me want to stop cleaning). Thankfully the next song was something terrible by Kylie so I could continue with my cleaning. Now all I need to do is find music that makes me want to cook the dinner…

2 Responses to “Bad Kitchen Day”

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  2. karen Says:

    No wonder you’re laughing. But just wait till you get here in the summer and then you can help sort it out for me 🙂