Lost Time

I haven’t got anything done this weekend but I do know where my time went. Marty and I watched Season 3 of Lost. And even when we finished it last night instead of going to sleep I spent hours reading various Lost web-sites to see what the rest of the world thought about the series.

3 Responses to “Lost Time”

  1. SWM Says:

    And what did you think about it..

    I thought the first half was terrible to be honest. The whole introduction of the two characters that were killed off very quickly was good though.. And I am glad that a certain hobbit met his end! 🙂

    I think the second half was good.. But they are gonna have to do something special in season 4, as I hated the filler/red hering eppys.

    However with the commies striking in hollywood I doubt we will get to see the end of season 4 until this time next year! 😉 I think they have shot a full 8 eppys, but no more. 🙁

  2. karen Says:

    I thought the first 5 or 6 episodes were fairly annoying as I really didn’t like all the stuff with Sawyer and Kate in the cages.

    Marty really liked the Nicki and Paulo story but I wasn’t sure what I made of it. But I did like the introduction of some of the new characters from the other side of the island and I really want to know what they are going to do with Locke, Jacob, Ben and Desmond.

    I also was glad that Charlie died as his character was really annoying and always whingeing – and the way he died was good.

  3. SWM Says:

    Ahh the whole thing about Nicki and Paulo was great. They were introduced really badly, and the Abrahams dude decided to kill them off really quickly as peeps on the interweb were yapping about them. They were a sort of scapegoat of the first half of the 3rd season!

    Locke, Jacob and Ben are very interesting. I think it would be awesome if Locke ended up leading The Others. Don’t know where they are going with Desmond.

    Yes the hobbit is dead, let us partiiieee!