Japanese Hotel Room Descriptions

I come across strange English in Japan all the time but usually it’s just bad spelling (like the restaurant last night serving “plane croissants”). I was looking on-line at hotels in Universal Studios Japan and saw the following description of a room:

We present you with the time for nesting peacefully your wing of dream fluttered at the Park.

Beautifully spelt words that don’t make much sense when put together like that.

2 Responses to “Japanese Hotel Room Descriptions”

  1. Chastity Says:

    Hilarious! I laughed for about ten minutes, and I keep coming back to read it again.

  2. Jessica Marie Says:

    I still have a few little-girl Japanese journals from the dollar store that are filled with phrases like “Let’s do the tennis together!” “Refinedley made for the success of your outstanding cause” and “My heart is flam able when I see your beautiful eyes.”