Perl Buzzing

I was slightly baffled by the level of disgust Perl Buzz reported over the title of the Linux Journal article regarding the release of Perl 5.10. To me the headline was simply an editor using innuendo and word play to attract attention to a rather dull press release. I have been trying to work out if there is some cultural difference I am missing as, although the phrase “put out” is pejorative, I certainly don’t think it’s offensive enough to warrant that reaction. Maybe to an American like Andy (the author of the Perl Buzz post) it has a stronger meaning than it does to me coming from Northern Ireland.

I am also confused by the things that Perl Buzz are calling on the editors of the Linux Journal to do especially “explain to us what will be changing at Linux Journal so we think of LJ as worthy of our time, trust and readership.” Who is the “us” that Andy is referring to? Is it the editors at Perl Buzz and if so why on earth would the Linux Journal ever feel the need to explain anything to them? Perl Buzz can’t possibly assume that it speaks on behalf of the entire Perl or Open Source community and I find it detracts from anything sensible they are saying when they write as if they are.

Is the article merely an attempt by Perl Buzz to create more of a “buzz” about their blog? Because if their article is really about how wrong they think it is for the Linux Journal to print such headlines and ads why on earth are they re-printing them on the front page of their blog so that I someone like me, who never reads the Linux Journal, gets to see the material?

3 Responses to “Perl Buzzing”

  1. Tony Says:

    I always like it when an “anti-sexism” rant contains lines like “material offensive to women and the rest of the computing community.”

    But I’m also confused as to why it’s the Open Source Community™ that needs an apology. I could understand (though disagree with) thinking that the Perl Community deserves one for not treating the big new release with the respect it deserves. Or even suggesting that any use of innuendo necessitates an apology to All Women Everywhere. But where does the Open Source Community fit in. Why is it they who should be apologised to?

  2. Andy Lester Says:

    The apology isn’t so much about the sexist commentary as it is pissing on the work that we’ve been doing. Looking back I should have made the distinction clearer.

  3. Endrew Says:

    Is he American? Wasn’t it americans complaing about “perl is my bitch” t-shirts? Aw bless, maybe they need a humour transplant.

    I hadn’t seen the headline until I read about it here. I thought it was very funny. Anyone offended by that seriously needs to get over themselves.