Slippery When Wet

I have been really impressed by how willing my sister is to go and see things by herself in Tokyo and today, armed with a guide book, she managed to go and see the gardens at Rikugien. In fact when we met up this afternoon I thought that she had a completely successful day. I did notice that she was wearing a different outfit but since it’s so humid here I wasn’t that surprised that she had decided to get changed.

She told me that she had bought her new outfit in Shibuya and that she had managed to ask the people in the shop to cut the tags off for her and to let her get changed. Now, that did seem weird. When she left the house this morning she was wearing white shorts and an orange and white top. They are no longer white. When she was walking around the gardens it started to rain really heavily and got very slippy. Unfortunately she slipped on some rocks and slide into the mud on her behind.

Again she managed to find help. She went into a tea house and they gave her oshi-bori (wet towels) to help her wipe the mud off. She wasn’t going to tell me about this as she knew I would write about it in my blog but her adventures are certainly keeping us entertained.

One Response to “Slippery When Wet”

  1. Carolyn Says:

    If anyone can slide their way through Japan with the greatest of ease…. it’s got to be Chrissy. You go girl!!