TLUG Spring Madness

Today Marty and I went to the TLUG barbeque. It was one of those events that I wish I had brought my camera for. I really wasn’t expecting the games they decided to play. I was standing talking to two guys who were pretending to be from Scotland (the strange things people do once they’ve had some beer) and they starting talking about the games and how we were going to toss hard drives. I thought they were joking and making some reference to tossing cabers. But no we were really going to toss hard drives.

A red hat was put down on the grass and two teams – vi and emacs – were formed. The idea was to see which team could toss a hard drive closest to the red hat. I believe that vi won. Then they had debian -v- gentoo. This progressed to shot putting hard drives.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any stranger they announced a new game that involved removing all the alphabetic keys from a keyboard. Marty took part in this and ended up cutting his head as he decided to try head butting the keyboard to remove the keys. It really didn’t work. Neither did breaking the keyboard in half, or as Erin tried, smashing up the keys with your fist. And smashing up the keys spoilt the next game which involved putting all the keys back in the correct order. Marty, being the smart ass he is, put his back Dvorak style.

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