Black Ink

Recently I’ve been reading about handwriting and how much is given away about personality and emotional health in one A4 page of writing. I’ve been aware for a long time that everything I say and every movement I make can be communicating things I may not want other people to know. But I must admit I’ve never before thought about the colour of ink I habitually use to write with. I am aware that I made a deliberate decision to use black ink. It didn’t seem like a big decision though as really the only ink colours I could choose from were blue, black, red and green.

Writers who habitually and from choice use black ink are not so much revealing an emotional state as an attitude towards communication.

Such individuals are concerned with precision, exactitude and in the clear understanding of all aspects of the message they are attempting to convey. They have a strong desire to make themselves clear and to avoid confusion. Frequently the use of such ink is associated with people in professions which demand a high degree of precision, such as accountancy, engineering, mathematics and so on. [The Hidden Language of Your Handwriting, Greene & Lewis]

4 Responses to “Black Ink”

  1. SWM Says:


    This reminds me, I gave a copy of my signature to your husband. Did you ever recieve it, or do I have hit him across the head on Tuesday? 🙂

  2. karen Says:

    He didn’t give this to me. But he has now that I’ve mentioned it to him 🙂

  3. Stray Taoist Says:

    hey have a strong desire to make themselves clear and to avoid confusion.

    That is obviously a crock. I always write in black in, and even have, natch, a black handwriting pen. (I think that meant they could charge me extra for it.)

    Actually, you know, that is a lie. I only use black ink for letters and signing my name. When I write (scribbled notes in work and so on) it is always in pencil. (But the big-pad-that-gets-turned-into-my-weekly-report is in pen. So um, scratch that actually.)

    Most of my writing (including song and tune stuff) is done in pencil.

    Pencil. I guess that means disorganised and messy and rambly. I do hope so.


  4. karen Says:

    I just says that they have a strong desire to make themselves clear and avoid confusion – not that they actually succeed in doing this…