Skating Mania

Because of the Winter Olympics and the recent ITV Dancing on Ice show it’s getting harder to find a time to practice on the ice without having to maneuver through a crowd.  But today I managed to pass the ice skating exam I had to miss through illness.  I wasn’t sure that I was going to manage all the elements as I thought that my mohawks were a bit ropey but once my coach told me to stop thinking about it and just do it I had no more problems.

4 Responses to “Skating Mania”

  1. mwk Says:

    Well done! But no one expected you to fail, now, did they? Fall, yes, if I wanted to make some lame-o pun, but fail?

    Hey, am I the first commentor? (That is like a commenter, only in spandex and saves the world. I should stop, shouldn’t I?)

  2. karen Says:

    You are indeed the first person to leave a comment on my new improved WordPress blog.

    But I could have done without the spandex visual – isn’t velvet more your thing 🙂

  3. sarah mcdowell (ur little sis) Says:

    hi karen kool site but u should put some things on it about me thats wat every1 would want 2 see why not put me in under skating mania pretty pretty plz

  4. sarah mcdowell (ur little sis) Says:

    karen will u tell me who invented the motor car for a quiz in schoolplz it has 2 be in for friday 24/3/06 and kool is just text languadge for cool!!