Too Sleepy

I’m really sleepy today. Finding it very hard to concentrate in work. I’ve spent most of the week out of the office preparing for an exam. It’s been years since I’ve had to sit an exam and I found the whole experience rather strange. My first problem was trying to write for three hours! I don’t really spend a lot of time writing anymore. I do make handwritten notes of meetings but these don’t compare to writing essays under pressure in an exam. I wanted to have a word processor. I also have more problems with the concept of exams than I’ve ever had in the past. I’m studying law and it seems that to pass the exam I need to learn lots of different Acts of Parliament, EC laws and cases. The exam was weighted much more strongly towards memory than application. What is the point of this? If I want to know the details of “the rights of migrant workers’ families” I will look it up. It’s so easy to find this information once you have some idea of the sort of thing to look for. Do lawyers really have to know the “Sale of Goods Act” off by heart to be able to give people advice on consumer problems?

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