Animals and Children

I really enjoy landscape photography. I really don’t like taking pictures of adults as there is a 50/50 chance that I will make them look terrible. And I don’t mean the picture won’t be perfect I mean that it will be awful. So bad, that sometimes it is difficult to recognise the people in the pictures. Recently, I have taken about two hundred pictures. I got the colour ones developed today and some of them are not bad. The pictures were taken at three different events: a wedding, a day out at a museum, and a day out at the Northern Ireland School of Falconry. I tried to only take pictures of birds and children but not surprisingly at the wedding I was expected to take pictures of the bridal party. Yet again I have managed to make a perfectly lovely bridesmaid look like a hag. This terrible picture means that I can’t give the bride pictures of the bridal party as I had intended. It seems I only took one picture of this particular bridesmaid and I couldn’t let anyone see that.

I also ran into problems at the Falconry centre. The guy in charge asked me to take a picture of someone holding an owl. He, like many other people, had this idea that if I could take pictures of birds I must be able to take pictures of anything. I took the pictures for him but I was dreading how these would turn out. Thankfully it was a child holding the bird and not an adult but I was still concerned. It didn’t seem to be the right time to explain that I specialise in a different type of photography. Having a decent camera means I run into this problem quite often. But then this is a common problem. If I tell people I work in computers they start telling me about the problems they have with their printers and the like when I don’t really know anything useful about hardware.

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