Hairy Pigs

We had two talks at the meeting last night: Marty’s Kongoogo and Marc’s Fairy Tales . We didn’t get much technical content from these but they were both highly entertaining. Poor Marc finds it really difficult to talk at because people make fun of him so much. One of last night’s points of ridicule was Marc removing one of the famous phrases from the story of the three little pigs. He decided that it shouldn’t have the line “Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin” because pigs didn’t have beards. It was pointed out to him that it doesn’t mention beards just hair and that pigs really do have hair. As Marc wasn’t convinced by this I have found him a picture of a nice hairy pig. In the digression that occurred after this Marc managed to say something along the lines of I can see nothing kinky about pre-pubescent pigs. After this scary comment we decided to let him finish his talk in peace. Well until he got to the part about Goldilocks and the sticky messes.

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