The Power of a Good Example

I have to give a talk next week on Test Driven Development. I only have 10 minutes in which to put my point across and I am keen to find an easy way to explain it. I’m having difficulty coming up with a good example – something that will make sense to the non-technical people in the audience but won’t be perceived as overly simplistic or incorrect to the technical people.

In the past I have always used internet examples to describe software projects. I was really surprised when people couldn’t follow my e-commerce examples. I had assumed that the whole world would have shopped online by now and would understand what I was talking about. It appears that this is not the case. It also appears that lots of people don’t consider web-sites to actually require software to drive them!

If I use a bad example I will completely loose the audience and they will think that Test Driven Development is a stupid idea. Time is running out so hopefully I will be able to come up with something soon.

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